We were blessed when Cal Poly, a major university in California known for its expertise in viticulture, agreed to do further research and testing on our Smart Wine Bottle. The results that came back were very encouraging, as they reported that 85% of the people they surveyed about our Smart Wine Bottle (mainly Gen Zers and Millennials) said they would have no problem buying wine in a Smart Wine Bottle. That was a huge step forward, as it confirmed that our original idea for the Smart Wine Bottle was solid.

But that was not enough…

We also conducted our own survey to see what the general public thought about the Smart Wine Bottle. With this in mind, we set up a table on the sidewalk and started soliciting everyday people to get their honest opinion about the Smart Wine Bottle. In the space of a few days we collected over 200 opinions from diverse age groups (all over 21). The feedback we received on the street was very positive. 86.6% of the Gen Zers and Millennials indicated they would pick up the bottle if they saw it on the shelf. Even the baby boomers came in at 72.7%, which was a complete surprise. The average acceptance rate from all ages was 76%. Many people who saw the Smart Wine Bottle indicated that they would more than likely pick it up off the shelf and give it a try.

According to UC Davis, when a wine bottle gets picked up from a shelf, there is an 85% chance that the person picking up that bottle will buy that bottle/brand. We feel very strongly that with such a high public acceptance rate and interest level (over 76%), that the Smart Wine Bottle will be a big winner in the marketplace for your brand and company.

Even more interesting is what happens when we break down the age groups —

Age Group 1: Millennials and Gen Z (21–40) — 86.6%

Age Group 2: Gen X (40–60) — 75.6%
Age Group 3: Baby Boomers (60+) — 72.7%
Overall Acceptance Rate — 76.0%

It is clear from the stats that Group 3 (the baby boomers) are less likely to pick up the Smart Wine Bottle. Still, 72.7% of them said that they would pick up the Smart Wine Bottle. Compare that to Group 1 (Gen Zers and Millennials), which is the real target market, and you can see the acceptance rate is an AMAZING 86.6% which confirms Cal Poly’s results.

Our research alongside that of Cal Polys confirm that Age Groups 1 & 2 are their key target markets right now to grow your business.