Wine bottles have seen very little innovation in the past century. Bottles hold product and do very little else except sit on the shelf and wait to be purchased. AireWine wants to change all that and believes that wine bottles should do more, a lot more than just hold wine and sit on a shelf.

The AireWine Solution
napkinThe revolutionary new, disruptive AireWine bottle began with a simple idea on a napkin. The idea was to create a self-contained aeration system inside a bottle. Creating a new and interesting looking bottle 1AIREWINE BOTTLE BIGvisually solves the boring “sitting on the shelf” syndrome. It also performs a valuable service for the wine drinker because it aerates the wine as it is poured into the glass. No other wine bottle in the world today can match these two problem-solving solutions.

Solution # 1: Our bottle aerates any wine when it is poured to bring out its full flavor, without bulky or expensive accessories. Here the consumer wins by having a unique and exciting wine experience.

Solution # 2: The patented AireWine bottle stands apart from all other bottles on the shelf with its striking “pick me up and buy me” design. Here a wine company wins with its own unique selling proposition (USP).

Solution # 3: First company that adds a AireWine bottle to their portfolio wins and will receive an amazing amount of free publicity.


The AireWine Advantage

Advantage # 1
SCIENTIFIC PROOF: 2 Independent laboratories blind tested and provided conclusive proof that wine poured from an AireWine bottle creates more aeration than wine poured from other wine bottles.

Advantage # 2

POURATION: While there are many ways to aerate wine on the market today, there has never been a wine bottle that self aerates the wine. The AireWine bottle is so unique that we had to created and trademark a new word in the English language that describes what it does:- the word is “pouration,” meaning it aerates the wine while it is being poured.

Advantage #3
RECENT FOCUS GROUP: 76% of all 200 participants said they would pick up the AireWine bottle. We were happily surprised that so many people wanted to pick up the bottle, to touch and feel the “Pouration Dimples”.

We know from our earlier research that when a wine bottle gets picked up from a shelf, there is an 80% to 85% chance that the person picking up that bottle will indeed buy that bottle. We feel very strongly that with such a high public acceptance rate and interest level (over 76%) in the AireWine bottle that the AireWine bottle will be a big winner in the marketplace.

Even more interesting is when we break down the age groups (we only started doing this with the last 108 participants). Here is what we find:

Age Group (1) 21 - 40 86.6%
Age Group (2) 40 - 60 75.6%
Age Group (3) 60 + 72.7%
Avg Acceptance Rate 76.0%

It is clear from the stats that Group 3 (the Baby Boomers) are less likely to pickup an AireWine bottle. Still 72.7% of them said that they would pick up the AireWine bottle. Compare that to Group 1 (Gen Zers and Millennials), which is the real target market, you can see the acceptance rate is 86.6%!!! Research shows that if a wine company wants to grow its business in the 21st century, Age Groups 1 & 2 are their target markets. This survey has shown that these positive numbers can be achieved with the help of the AireWine bottle.

Advantage #4
DISTRIBUTORS: Were fascinated by the AireWine bottle and gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars. RETAILERS: Say the AireWine bottle will stand out on the shelf and awarded it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Advantage #5
HAVING THE EDGE: Cute labels may have worked well in the past to market wine, but an increasingly sophisticated wine-buying public expects more. That, along with the fact that competition to sell wine is now greater than in any time in history, creates a perfect opportunity for AireWine to enter the market. The AireWine bottle stands out on a crowded shelf and demands to be picked up.

5bottlesWhen a bottle is picked up by a wine buyer, whether with a cute label or in the case of AireWine a new bottle design, there is an 80% to 85% chance that bottle will be purchased. The AireWine bottle provides any brand with an “edge” on the shelf and takes marketing wine to a whole new level. The wine buyer will long remember the AireWine bottle and your brand along with the exciting new wine experience they enjoyed.

Timing is everything in life and in marketing. We believe that the time could not be better with Gen Zers just turning 21 in 2017 and ready to explore new experiences. There was an old advertising slogan that was very successful for Oldsmobile .. “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile”. Make a few changes to that idiomatic phrase to read “This is not your parents’ wine bottle” and you could have a huge winner on your hands.

Look for the AireWine Bottle in 2019

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