5 Unfair Market Advantages That Will Have Your Competitors Crying in Their Unsold Wine!

We think Steve would have wanted a Smart Wine Bottle. And George would have wanted a Futuristic Wine Bottle. Here is our interpretation of what these two great innovators might have come up with:


UNFAIR ADVANTAGE #1 - Exclusive global marketing rights to the patented smart wine bottle.

Watch the competition have an OMG moment when they see your wine in a Smart Wine Bottle.

UNFAIR ADVANTAGE #2 - Millennials and Gen Zers love the Smart Wine Bottle.

This gives you a humongous unfair advantage over your nearest competitors.

UNFAIR ADVANTAGE #3 - Research by UC Davis says: When customers pick up the Smart Wine Bottle they will in all likely hood buy that bottle.

I’m already beginning to feel sorry for your competitors.

UNFAIR ADVANTAGE #4 - Retailers/Distributors, love the Smart Wine Bottle as it gives them a whole new story to share with their clients.

Another BIG unfair advantage for your company and team.

UNFAIR ADVANTAGE #5 - The Smart Wine Bottle has built in ‘Pouration™ Technology’ We think Steve would have loved this feature.

A big unfair advantage for your company and team. I can see your competitors throwing in the towel right about now.


Customers buy wine with their eyes!! The Smart Wine Bottle catches more eyes, which means more new business for your company.

You win, the competition loses. End of story.