It’s the ELEPHANT in the room — that no one in the wine industry talks about!

Hard to believe, but this secret has been around for over a century. We see a disruptive change coming to the wine market after COVID-19.

The question is, will your winery take advantage of the change or get left in behind?

Wine bottles have seen very little innovation in the past century. Bottles hold product and do very little else except sit on the shelf and wait to be purchased. AireWine wants to change all that, and we believe that wine bottles should do more — much more — than just hold wine and sit on a shelf.

That’s all about to change with the NEW Smarter Wine Bottle from AireWine.

The idea was to create a self-contained aeration system inside a bottle. Creating a new and interesting-looking bottle visually solves the boring “sitting on the shelf” syndrome — and creates a buzz about your brand. It also performs a valuable service for the wine drinker because it aerates the wine as it is poured into the glass.

No other wine bottle in the world today can match these three problem-solving solutions.

3 Advantages The Smarter AireWine bottle Enjoys

Two independent laboratories blind tested the Smarter AireWine bottle and provided conclusive proof that wine poured from AireWine’s Smarter Wine bottle creates more aeration than wine poured from either a Bordeaux or Burgundy bottle.

While there are many ways to aerate wine on the market today, there has never been a wine bottle that self-aerates the wine. The Smarter AireWine bottle is so unique that we created and trademarked a new word in the English language: “POURATION,” meaning it aerates the wine while it is being poured. The 54 BUILT IN “POURATION” DIMPLES creates a natural passageway to aerate the wine.

Cal Poly University and our own research and Focus groups show that 86% of Millennials and GenZers said they would pick up the Smarter AireWine bottle if they saw it on the shelf at their local wine store. We were surprised that so many people wanted to pick up and touch and feel the “POURATION DIMPLES.”